My Cup Runneth Over

Wow! Tonight was a remarkable night I want to document for our little girl so she knows just how loved she was before she was even here. I could not imagine a more fabulous group of people to bring our daughter home to!

I have been working hard to earn the adoption fees for the last big legs of the process. Part of my efforts is working my Stella & Dot business hard to earn the money. Check out my online boutique here I have been booking trunk shows to get started and the gratitude I have towards the ladies who have hosted is beyond words. I had one tonight, have one tomorrow, and two beautiful souls are gathering orders with a traveling tote show. Oh I want to earn these ladies so many free jewelry credits and then some to show my gratitude!

Tonight I had my first in home trunk show towards the adoption fundraising efforts. My hostess was gracious, generous, and so much more. The ladies in attendance were equally amazing, loving, supportive, ……. I genuinely cannot say enough. I am just home from the show and am still speechless about the experience. I love them. truly. I adore each and every one of those women who came to support us and who are ready to embrace us and our new little one. They made us feel cherished. They made us feel loved, supported, and blessed. They hugged my neck and they told me they can’t wait to meet her. I cannot believe the outpouring of love, support, and funds that were made for us from their generosity. Of course they all will have beautiful Stella & Dot pieces and there were some stellar deals in June (who doesn’t love Stella & Dot? 😉 ) but these ladies took time out of their day and ordered their accessories from me, ordinary me, to help us support our baby. As I sit trying to wrap my mind around how I would ever repay them for what they showed me I am ever more certain there is no way to match the way they made me feel. My heart may really burst! I cannot wait to share her sweet face with you!! She is going to be surrounded by the most caring community of ladies EVER! 

Tonight could not have come at a better time either. Tomorrow is our final interviews and home walk through for the home study portion of the process. Those gals tonight sent me off feeling loved and confident, ready for tomorrow. After our session tomorrow I will go to another trunk show with another loving hostess with another crew of people ready to love on us. Our little girl is SO LOVED already!! Wherever she is, whoever our daughter is, she is ours and we pray that she is loved and cared for until we can get her here where I have no doubt she will be cherished by many! 

We are inching closer and closer with each step accomplished and after tomorrow we close a big chunk 🙂 This week we had our appointment with our physician as well to learn more about the various medical conditions. The appointment was very helpful and even though I thought I understood some things, I did not and he gave us so much hope and comfort going over many conditions I was more worried about. We also made our first purchase to prepare for her! Whenever I became pregnant we would always make a first purchase to make it tangible and to help with the wait between obgyn appointments. Since we do not know what size she will wear to buy her first outfit, our little one’s first purchase for preparation was safety locks for cabinets, doors, outlets, etc. Silly to some but to us it is a tangible thing in our home now that reminds us each time we have to push in the button in order to open the basement door that someday there will be a little one trying to pull that door open. Check out our selfie. We are obviously no pros at selfies but we did have to use the back camera of Adam’s phone since the front is cracked and we are not replacing (every penny saved counts right? 😉  ) so I don’t think it’s too bad. It was document though and we have our first purchase, our concrete reminder all the paperwork has a purpose. 


I am going to bed tonight blessed beyond measure and amazed at the outpouring of love I got to experience tonight. I will never forget tonight and I will cherish this event to share with our little one. I should have taken a picture of that group! 


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